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The word ‘Mahila’ actually means female or woman in the beautiful aged language of Sanskrit, used in india, which is where our initial ideas for Mahila started.


Mahila the label seamlessly blends global aesthetics with traditional craftsmanship, to cater the sun seekers and natural shakers with a manifestation of freedom in every garment.

We challenge conventional fashion trends, urging individuals to curate their wardrobes based on what bring joy. This we encourage through captivating patterns, colors, and meticulous craftsmanship. Delving into the depths of age-old textile techniques, we proudly embrace our identity as the true nerds we are.

Our commitment to quality begins by identifying skilled local textile craftsmen. We collaborate closely, respecting and developing materials that highlight their craftsmanship. This commitment extends to the entire production process, encompassing design development, refinement, and the precise sewing of our products.

Founders Maria, based in Copenhagen, and Isha, located in Mumbai, lead a passionate team transcending borders with great ideas for a more ethical and collaborative fashion and textile industry. Maria holds a master's degree in Textile Design from the Royal Academy of Design in Copenhagen, focusing on traditional textile making. Her wanderlust spirit has led her to projects cultivatingIndian dyeing crafts and collaborate with local artisans worldwide.

Isha, with her business background, nurtures a deep appreciation for her country's heritage in textile crafts. As Mahila the label flourished, she established a studio with now nine employees, dedicated to preserving traditional textile-making methods. Talented embroiderers bring Mahila's designs to life through meticulous sewing and embroidery, all conducted in-house.

Together they compliment each others skills and likeminded spirits despite being from two very different parts of the world. The cross cultural collaboration has formed a beautiful friendship that allows for both of us to explore what we do best! 


We came up with the name "Mahila" for our brand, which is the Hindi word for "female", as a deep appreciation to all that a woman possess. With our garments we want to set her spirit free and slet her shine like the flower she wants to be. We hope our colourful, handcrafted universe will make her feel confidencent to show her femininity and be present in the now. 


Mahila the label unveils limited drops of carefully designed styles once or twice a year, depending on the complexity of the textile techniques involved. Each drop focuses on a specific theme, featuring hand block print, Ikat weaving, hand embroidery, shibori dyeing, and an evolving list of techniques

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